From the recording It's Okay Honey

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JTB: lead vocal, acoustic guitar. Boaz Kim: harmonica, harmony vocals. Mike “Slo-Mo” Brenner: lap steel. David Laganella: electric guitar. Mark Schreiber: drums. Michael Frank: bass.


you’re just like a man in an old country song
no case on your pillow and the sheets are on wrong
got a sink full of dishes but what’s hauntin your mind
is the sight of your name up in big glowing lights

you sing ‘my baby done left me like in stories they tell
left me alone with my pocket in my sleeve
left me forlorn like a rocket in the pleiades
just floating along in the faraway breeze’

sailors make their way by the north pole star
which stays in its station not significantly to move
whose seeming non-motion gestures to prove
how the sun knows our feelings and the moon guides our groove

I’m just like a person in an old country song
thinking it can change its man, actin like nothin’s wrong
takin the abuse and comin back for more
like slippin the devil the key to your door
rattling the fishes on the ocean floor

so I ain’t gonna be your baby
not like that anymore, for too long I said maybe
but that ain’t fair to you no more
I wanted to be more than a pallet on your floor
and do somethin other than a’walkin the floor
w/ the singing fishes on the ocean floor