From the recording It's Okay Honey

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JTB: lead vocal, acoustic guitar.


and when I go with you my darlin
way down in the underworld
adorn my neck with lapis
entwine my hair with gold

and when I go with thee my brethren
we breathe in the underworld
at the foot of the huluppu
and clutching at its root

and tenderly its blossoms
bow down as they sway before us
and we bow in return
to brave the burgeoning regions
but the paths we find are legion
and rumored with contagion
and all the rank mutation
and the glorious stagnation
and the way we’re in relation
god I feel so much elation
but it’s all really enraging
unless I am quite mistaken
we’d of the same persuasion
and if it ain’t no abrasion
and if I won’t get a citation
I’d like to feel creation
I’d like to feel stellation